The Internet of Things, Robots and a Much, Much more Beautiful World
Jordan Greenhall

Smart Dust… I’ve been expecting word of this, although I was expecting it from DARPA as first as a surveillance utility, something it has a lot of potential for when you think of it. Get it on your clothes and you are traceable (They already have mini RFID) potential for invisible satellite audio snooping outdoors is immense. All kinds of imaginable applications not all of which I approve of but also many that I do.

You write :“And they are going to be in everything”

Absolutely! There has already been notice that this nanotech is migtrating by way of our food into out bodies. For Medical applications it make a lot of sense, but what the potential for mischief is, of operational and inert tech in our bodies, really needs to be studied and addressed soon.

There will be a lot of fallout and techno feat that ought to have been foreseen and dealt with in the developmental phase that wasn’t caught when it should have been.

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