600 books launched so far!

Every year, millions of authors are turned away by traditional publishing. That might not necessarily be a bad thing for readers.

But after a decade of wrestling in book publishing, I’m convinced that thousands of great books go unpublished each year —and that our culture needs them. Getting a traditional publishing deal is a ridiculously complicated process. We have been silently sculpting a tool that helps acquiring editors at publishing houses identify books that readers want: a crowdfunding platform for book ideas.

In May 2015, Publishizer became a ‘real company’. …

The Healing Powers of Extreme Downtime

The darkness is swallowing me. My pulse is racing, and there is nowhere to hide. No sights, no sounds, no smells, no taste, not a single sensation.

Slow, deep breaths quieten the noisy storm in my mind. I surrender to the void, and enter the deepest state of relaxation I’ve experienced.

My first float (also known as flotation therapy), was an intensely mind-expanding experience. I’ve been trying to achieve meditative states for years, with spurts and dips of success. Flotation is a shortcut to meditation, and can assist beginners to get started.

Palm Avenue…

Singing Together Washes Your Brain With Neurochemical Rewards

Dozens of vibrating hums resonate within the domed chamber.

I’m in the inner circle of an Om Choir, a weekly gathering in Auroville, an experimental township in southern India. The circle has been singing om for the past hour, in waves that begin, rise, and crest with powerful vocal energy. The conductor, Narad, a is large, gentle, silvery Aurovillian. His mission is to bring down a ‘new music’, a task assigned to him from Auroville’s founder, Mirra Alfassa.

The om is a sacred sound derived from Hindu philosophy. It represents cosmic creation…

Inhaling forest air is scientifically proven to benefit your immune system

Muir Woods, United States. Photo by Caleb Jones

I remember gazing up in awe at the canopy of the giant redwoods in Founders Grove in Northern California. There is a grandeur and elegance to these trees: their lifespans often exceed 2000 years.

In 2016, I was in the midst of a stressful period in my startup’s young life. Being in the presence of these giants had an instant calming effect on me. You may know the feeling of wandering through a forest, and feeling rejuvenated.

Little did I know that ‘forest therapy’ was a thing, until a…

Research into orgasms and Tibetan monks on bliss show how we can experience bliss more often.

Waiting Bliss (2013), by Cameron Gray

Those precious moments of bliss are a significant state for making big decisions. By accessing bliss states, you can wire your brain to achieve desired outcomes. My research into bliss pointed towards two science-backed ways to experience bliss.

We’re all familiar with the bliss experience. A rush of joy, a loss of time, and then it ends. We’re snapped back into reality, and daily life resumes demanding our attention. I wanted to understand how these blissful moments work inside the brain, and what we…

Right-brainers consume 100 times more energy to plan. What should we do?

A representation of the neurochemical effects brought on by chronic pain, by Australian artist Scott Maxwell.

I have friends who see their future play out like a movie script. It comes so easily and naturally to them, the story plot of their life is clear as day.

I’m not one of those people. I’m able to visualise futures, and play them out in fun and interesting ways. Sensory feelings are often attached to those visions, which can be intriguing (imagine what your future smells like). Then reality kicks in, and half a day has flown by with scribbles to show for it.

To pull…

If you change your mood, does it improve your physical wellbeing?

Power of Optimism, by Kavita Joshi

I’ve often wondered about the connection between our moods and wellbeing.

The conversation has been quietly unfurling in the research of dedicated scientists, and the evidence is clear: positive emotions make our bodies healthier. According to Dr. Lisa Aspinwall, “There are some very interesting studies linking optimism to better immune function.” One study involving first-year law students, for instance, found that immune function was closely correlated with outlook. For example, when students were pessimistic about their academic future, their immune function appeared to decline.

We’ve all familiar with patterns…

We live in a world of gatekeepers. Love them or hate them, they’re an important part in all creative industries. Gatekeepers traditionally identify the best of the best of creative talent, and take them to the next level.

Music has it’s talent agents gatekeeping for record labels. Film has screenwriting agents gatekeeping for production studios. Publishing has literary agents gatekeeping for traditional publishers.

The biggest shift in creative industries over the last decade is the trend away from opinion-driven discovering, to algorithm-driven discovery of talent.

Platform-driven discovery

Platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube Music are enabling musicians to get discovered by listeners…

We see a whole lot of interesting authors and book proposals on a daily basis. Yet, we feel there is a lack of diversity of voices — not just within our own work with authors and book proposals–but within the wider book publishing industry.

To address this issue, we’re launching book proposal contests in 2017 on topics that are hot and interesting, but also widely under-represented in book publishing.

First and foremost, we’re starting with LGBTQ authors and stories in January. We’ve already had number of LGBTQ authors use Publishizer, and we want to see more! During my time at…

Guy Vincent

Founder at Publishizer. Explorer at the nexus of technology, science, and human wellbeing.

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