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This is everything TRUMP said he would not do. I voted for him and now i feel like a fool. being a DEM , But voting for Hillary i just could not been watching her sense 1994. sold Uranium to Russia and her Foundation , was a true pay to play as now they found out and it has closed. They found she took millions from other countries even middle east with she was to return favors when she won. and the lies to those Mother to there face Obama made up Then tell her daughter the truth. And The server wow bad and hacked with private Information of our country expand to say she gave them ALL OVER and only to find out she lied and thousands came forward after her lies, and one and on and on. What a corrupt woman any other woman yes. Now i see trump has become a Hypocrite and is doing to us the same as Bush and Obama has done. tell us what we want to hear and now think we cater to his life style as our tax money is like Obama his open bank account when he is so rich to take from the people. Then to cut the Poor . This Trump has to go were paying for Eric TRUMP body grades to protect him while he goes around the world to check on TRUMPS new Condo towers and His daughter and His wife in New York and his Florida , what a mess. TRUMP may be the worse we have ever seen , And so fare the biggest hypocrite and lire. I voted for him i fight for him only to see he is worse then all of them has all his on billion but use the poor and tax Americans money and cut the poor. This is not expectable at all I thought we would have learned from Obama not to do this again. What did we do a man so upcests with power and the free use of our money and lie and turn and do everything and every reason we voted for him for. I want my vote back.

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