Running around my mind for days now, I just remember your spikes into that old dilapidated concrete track. Your smile goes on for days, a laugh belted from a megaphone. You always were around to give someone else a smile. Endless pearly whites among frowns and the warmest personality when we were in our coldest moments.

It’s 11 at night and I’ve never been to this bar, but it’s the only one anyone from home goes to anymore. My friends are waiting inside and I haven’t seen them in months. It’s just before Thanksgiving, the day after three years prior they found those two kids dead in their car. Carbon monoxide from a faulty exhaust pipe because the dad just wanted to give the son what he wanted, a louder car. A high school tragedy. They were young and in love and thought they were invincible. …


guy who writes things

Creative writer — sorta. Focusing on Short Stories and a bit of Poetry.

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