Here and TREKZ, what a combo

TREKZ + Here + Nerdy Glasses + Beard

What do you get when you combine a pair of audio augmentation ear buds with bone conduction headphones? You end up with something unique and very interesting. You also look a bit silly for wearing two sets of headphones at one time but it just may be worth it.

AfterShokz TREKZ Titanium

The Aftershokz TREKZ Titanium headphones use bone conduction to vibrate your cheek bones and completely skip the ear drum as they pass the vibrations directly to your inner ear. Because they work though the cheek bone, they don’t block your ear canal. This allows outside sounds to pass freely though to the ear drum. If you don’t turn the volume up too high, you can hear the world around you.

Doppler Labs Here

The Doppler Labs Here earbuds fill your ear canal to isolate your ear drum and block out external sounds. They sample audio from a microphone on the outside of your ear, manipulate that sound to your preference and then play it back though a tiny speaker like noise isolating earbuds except instead of playing music they play modified versions of the sounds around you.

For our purposes, Here has two great features we can leverage. The first is the ability to use active noise cancelation (ANC) to block out the sounds of the world around you. Here can negate up to 22 dB of sound and pump pure silence to your ear drums. Alternatively you can turn on a human voice filter that blocks out all other sounds. This enhances voices and allows you to hear a conversation better because all of the background noise is eliminated.

With any normal headphones, Here’s ANC or human voice filtering would remove or effect the sounds created by the headphones, leaving you with manipulated music. However, since the TREKZ skip the ear drum and transmit sound directly to your inner ear, Here can block out all the ambient noises but the TREKZ skip that filter and play your music uninterrupted.

With their powers combined, you can listen to clean crisp music from the TREKZ, with no background sounds, thanks to Here’s ANC. If tuning out the world isn’t what you’re looking for, you can crank up the human voice filter and hear those speaking around you clearly and loudly over the top of your music. This is a very surreal but interesting effect. It’s almost like everyone you talk to is the lead singer of the band you’re listening to.

The ANC effect isn’t new. You can get it from a pair of over the ear ANC headphones like the Bose Quiet Comfort 25s. But if you want to hear someone talk to you, you must remove your headphones and pause your music. With the TREKZ + Here combination you can simply switch to human voice filtering mode and carry on a conversation without ever stopping your music.

I’ll be the first to admit, this is a very expensive and complex solution to an every day problem but nonetheless, it is the only solution I’ve found that doesn’t require you to remove your headphones and pause your music. With TREKZ and Here you can carry on the conversation and keep the tunes rolling. Why stop the jam if you don’t have to.