Why HBO Nordic sucks
Emanuel Baran

Now you can individually save episodes to the watchlist. I don’t know how long they’ve had that feature, but they have it now.

I’ve been a subscriber since November, so this is my fourth month with the service having previously been a subscriber of HBO Now and before that, as I live in Canada, CraveTV (a service from our largest telecom company who owns the Canadian rights to HBO content and various other studios/networks akin to HBO Nordic with their content from FX, AMC, Showtime, etc.)

They all pretty much suck in the same ways (Flash is the bane of my existence), different ways, and are better individually in certain ways, but none come anywhere close to Netflix which is a shame. HBO could probably easily replicate a Netflix-like service. They spend so much money on their productions already. They have the resources.

I really just want legitimate access to HBO content. I could always pirate it and it would be a lot cheaper than paying about 5 CAD/month for a DNS proxy on top of ~15 CAD (89 NOK) a month for a frustrating user interface, but I also use that DNS proxy to get US Netflix content, so that’s how I justify it because I don’t have a TV subscription (very expensive in Canada). Everything I watch is Netflix + HBO Nordic.

HBO Now itself comes up to ~20 CAD (15 USD)/month alone. CraveTV is 8 CAD/month, but they only stream HBO’s “back catalogue” (series like True Blood, Oz, and Six Feet Under). In order to get the current series like Game of Thrones and Westworld, you need HBO Go, meaning a TV subscription to HBO Canada. Keep in mind, HBO Canada and CraveTV are both operated by the same company who I’m sure could easily offer an HBO Now-like service, but rather squeeze every dollar from TV subscriptions.

HBO Nordic pretty much is what it comes down to if I want to stay away from a traditional TV subscription and also want legitimate access to HBO content. The video streaming itself mostly works as expected and it does have a good catalogue of series, it just has a lot to improve in terms of its UI and various other features like its subtitles and watchlist. It could take a page out of Netflix’s book.