The Facts about the Nevada Democratic State Convention on Saturday
NV Dems

I was not there so take this as you wish. I’m a retired senior, and have been a party member in Washoe for a goodly time, a Delegate the last Obama cycle too. I was at the Washoe County delegate convention supporting Bernie. The process of selecting State Delegates was not completed that day, and when they later produced a list I was not on it, to my dismay… I had been assured by three folks taking the list that I was properly recorded.

I have several long-time ‘mature’ friends that were Delegates in Vegas and do understand the process. I do not condone incivility, violence or threats so that is inexcusable… that said, it is a weird election cycle, with a lot of younger and newer folks.

If the Convention had been held in a Public facility rather than a ‘private’ Casino perhaps the Party business could have been completed in a legal and civil process.

I think I’m hearing you say the meeting was cut short because the ‘private’ casino security cut the meeting off?

My friends observed the Chair adjourning the meeting upon her own motion with motions pending… that seems illegal under any parliamentary procedure… it also reeks of corruption.

I’ve read three different accounts from friends there on the floor, and they are in sync on the major troublesome points… I have not read any other reports except the Vegas newspaper and this Party explanation… both trying to make excuses and neither explaining the event well.

In my opinion the Nevada Party will be definitely be sued and challenged every-which-away, and that was definitely avoidable… the Chair could have continued the meeting instead of abruptly ending it disregarding pending business. The perception of corruption will have a heavy influence on the Party’s future! And VOTER TURNOUT!

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