4 Simple Ways We Could Have Avoided This Clusterf*** of an Election

  1. Watched less television
  2. Used Social Media less
  3. Talked on the phone and in person as opposed to email and texting
  4. Improved our education system by investing in better resources (from textbooks to lunches to technology), outlawing results-based quotas, increasing public school employee pay and rewarding successful teachers AND students, and strengthening a core curriculum that encourages reflection, logic and openness to the esoteric, independent tenacity and also teamwork, as well as flexible creativity so that students can be catered to with different teaching methods thereby strengthening the average American’s sense of self-worth, independent reasoning, and ability to communicate and solve problems, while also encoding in them a core American knowledge of things such as but not limited to, accurate geography of all 50 states and the nations of the world, mathematics, grammar, and conversational ability in another language, specifically Spanish, how the government works, how to run for office, and how to vote, the history, motives, and results of the American Revolution, the Civil War, The Industrial Revolution, the World Wars and Cold War, the racism, sexism, and bigotry-fuelled legislation of the past and present of the United States and the forces that battled and battle them today, the Western Canon of literature and art and why it’s important to know about them, introductions to non-Western canons of culture and non-majority religions and cultures, specifically Islam, and the genocide of Native American tribes that is not only the base on which the United States was founded, but serves as an important not just American, but human example of death, greed, and evil that can and should be taught as a framing for how not to act throughout life and how to recognize behaviour that leads in that direction.