a date by any other name is still but a date.

I had always assumed when picking a wedding date, people just closed their eyes, spun around in circles three times, then pointed at a calendar and whatever day your finger landed on was it. It never occurred to me that most of the weddings I’d been to were on a Saturday in between the months of April — June and August — October. Also, I had heard that venues, at least the good ones, book in advance, but nobody told me how far in advance.

I figured a year gave us plenty of time. We had twelve whole months to take our time picking vendors and to be able to call each other “fiancee” (which is such a fun word to say, btw). Another factor, which my mom just loooved to remind me of, was my biological clock. Obviously if I was going to get knocked up, the sooner the better so she could start teaching our child how to play golf while she was still “young”. Considering all the holidays and what not, we decided on a random Saturday in March 2017 and then started emailing different venues. After we had chosen Millwick, they sent us a real-time calendar that showed all the dates the venue was booked and open. Every single Saturday was booked until Fall of 2017.

You know that feeling when you first attend college? You just graduated high school feeling on top of the world, your parents and teachers had filled your head with ideas of how special and unique you are…then you show up to your first Basketweaving 101 class and turns out there’s absolutely nothing special about you and there are thousands upon thousands of you that are living the same life you are. That was what I felt like when I saw how busy our coveted venue was.

Having a Sunday wedding wasn’t an option. We wanted our guests to feel free to party as hard as they want without worrying about a hangover at work the following Monday. So we went for the next available Friday. Fridays and Sundays are way less expensive than Saturdays (and if you can manage it Tues-Thurs are even cheaper). At first I thought how fun would it be to have a Memorial Day weekend wedding? We knew a lot of our guests would be coming from out of town and they could use the the trip to LA as their own little vacation. I thought I was brilliant. Until I was candidly talking about weddings to a friend who, without knowing my brilliant plans, started complaining about how annoying it was when people schedule their weddings on holidays. I started thinking about all the traditional plans our friends and family usually have during Memorial Day. River trips, Vegas, 3 day binge drinking and barbecuing. That put a wrench in my awesome idea so in order to just get it over with, we picked the next available Friday which turned out to be April 21, 2017.

Newly engaged and on a wedding high, I wanted to spread the word to our family and friends as soon as possible. Wedding etiquette says you should send the Save the Date at six months. Eff that. I couldn’t wait. So there I went, browsing Pinterest for some inspiration and all I found was the same “matching outfits by the beach with a forehead kiss” pictures. By now, you should probably have the idea that I am no basic bitch and this would just not do. We also hadn’t booked a photographer yet and all our other photos were goofy selfies from my Instagram page. Then, it occurred to me that this was our moment to start telling our loved ones our story, and Sean and I decided to embrace our Tinder beginnings and we came up with this:

Sean had taken a screen shot of his phone when the notification that we matched had popped up. Being the computer whiz that he is, within fifteen minutes he was able to recreate that same screen, with our exact profile pictures on Photoshop. My jaw dropped. At the time I could barely figure out how to turn on these new computers (did you know laptops don’t come with a CD drive anymore????) and here he was moving his fingers as fast as I can plate a beautiful multi-component dessert and next thing I knew it was done. And it was perfect!!! It needed a few more details, and I wanted to turn it into a postcard so I tapped the help of a talented friend of mine, Corinne who does graphic design work as a side hustle when she isn’t busy molding the minds of future generations. She had the genius idea to make the postcard look like an actual IPhone screen and after only a couple days the finished she sent me the finished product. And here it is:

I DIED it was so perfect!!! And notice how the time and battery are the numbers of our wedding date? What incredible detail! She charged me about $50 for her time. Now, I had the perfect PDF — how do I print? I asked another graphic design genius girlfriend of mine, Sarah who specializes in branding and pretty much anything she puts her mind to. The conversation went something like this:

Me-”I was thinking of using VistaPrint…”

Sarah-”DO NOT USE VISTAPRINT! Don’t worry, I know a guy.”

She hand delivered them the next day to my work and it only cost us $35 to print 200. What a gal!! I am so lucky to know so many talented people who are generous with their time.

I was so happy with how they turned out it took a whole lot of self-control to not start passing them out to every person I came in contact with that day.

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