Actually, I hope I have misunderstood. I’ve been dealing with a pretty serious nerve condition for the past couple of years or so, and yesterday was, well, it looked like that. I’d never talk about it, to be honest, but I thought I wouldn’t like to disappear like that, like the bonds you make are of no consequence, and you can just toss things aside, like a lot of other things in this very fast moving world.

The past week had been tough, so I thought I’d rather say some thing, lest it looked like I just up and went, in case I, you know, up and went.

Then I felt funny about saying such melodramatic stuff, because I’m the furthest from that you can get.

With nerves, it’s tough to asses. Easy to hyperbole.

Today I feel better though.

I really don’t know ☺

What can I say, Yaari?

I want that chocolate avocado mousse.


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