You Can Quit But You Can’t Hide

Hey man,

How’ve you been?

I for one am intellectually invested in your work. I love it.

Although, how you concluded that the Absurdist didn’t help writers it published is plain beyond me. I get turning it off for a million reasons, but this one is not sitting well with me.

Writing first of all isn’t a monetary pursuit. It can be monetised, but one gets a little sick of all the people going ok I wrote more than a status update Fuckin pay me for it goddammit!

Even assuming that my end goal is money, having been published in a publication with as many subscribers as the Absurdist had, is sure to get me leverage with an agent or a publisher when I take a longer work, or a compilation out to them. And that initial number push is a huge thing, I’m sure you know.

Anyway the kind of pieces your publication picked, they were more about getting the word out there. Kiran and so many others probably weren’t thinking, how do I get money from this. They had something to say, something someone wanted to shout from a rooftop, and the Absurdist gave them that platform. Instant karma.

You weren’t in a position to pay them, yet. Or pay yourself. Yet. But I can’t help but think you were close.

Anyway, if you’re getting on that horse again, I hope you don’t expect too much of a young thing too soon this time, and I hope you don’t give it more of yourself than you can handle.

I wish you luck mate.