What makes someone unheart a Medium heart? 👀
Ayesha Talib Wissanji

I have done this once.

Lisa Renee wrote ’16' , and Gutbloom commented ‘ so good’. And I am lazy, and I was lazier, and I hearted Gutblooms heart felt comment, because, it was close, it was some where close to what I felt.

But it wasn’t exactly what I felt was it? So it kept nagging me, for stealing the purity of his expression, and two months or so later I dug up that and un hearted it.

In another incident, again involving Gutbloom, I commented on him saying, that it’s tough to have grown up on a steady diet of Lou Reed, and company. I said that’s better than having grown up on a steady diet of u2 and making all sorts of fatal errors of judgement. That still bothers me, because I summoned my home boy Bono , and I keep thinking I ought to go back there and tell him how his love has held me through so many nights, and how they are literally a portal to another dimension, and how much we need u2, and u2 and U2.

Now I feel redeemed.

Yours in slo-mo


//legit celebrity summon #2. Gutbloom keeping score, yes?

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