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I want to say some things.

The first is about your comment, you are known by the company you keep.

Forget Medium, if I put you in a room with 100 random internet users, you will freak the fucj out of there. Medium is far better than the general nets, at least. And you are currently keeping that company.

Weebly is also a company you mightn’t be too proud of, except it does such a poor job of introducing you to your neighbours, let alone community, you hardly notice.

Medium is just a blogging platform, as such, you needn’t identify with everyone here, just as much as you needn’t identify with everyone on the internet.

I just think Medium does a really good job of making your content visible, shareable, spreadable.

It’s like a city, you don’t have to like everyone in the city. Just as far as there are enough nice people to have tea with.

Your art. Your move, of course.

Regardless, I love crows, and I love your crows, especially that one kid brave enough to be a dweeb.

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