Yes, you are wise and smart. I believe that wholly and completely.
H. Nemesis Nyx

I will try. I usually don’t.

I see your writing Ms. H. Nemesis Nyx , and I am ALWAYS moved by a heart of Gold.

And I reaaaally resonate here with pretty much everything Ms. A. McEnnis is saying,,

And it is befuddling to see how you two exceptional human beings are having such a difficult time seeing eye to eye.

You talk about a fair playing ground with fierce passion. You see, and you viscerally hate oppression. You viscerally hate discrimination. You love love love freedom and hate it when someone has theirs taken from them.

The underlying theme, in my understanding, that miss McEniss is trying to highlight, is that, just like there are wonderful white people, such as yourself, and downright woeful white people, there are wonderful POC, and downright woeful POC. There are wonderful women, and downright woeful women. And the same is true for any religion, any ism ( yes Any) and any other umbrella human beings collect under, including the LGBTQ umbrella. Because evil is really just a part of the human spectrum. Cunning and clever is just a part of the human spectrum, and it’s always going to be looking for holes in your armour. Your naivety causing your failure to see that the worst human scum is not in fact, identifiable by race, or gender, or sexual preference, or sexual identity. And the fact that some classes have been oppressed doesn’t indemnify them against having scum.

In other words, random people of any ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or sexual identity are going to try, very cleverly, to hack your very well intentioned efforts to help certain communities, and use them as an aid to their own ends, which ruefully, might as well be to expose there genitals to children.

This is a very rationally written article by miss McEnnis, and the fact that in response to this, you’re still referring to her previous article, where she, rather not so eloquently, said something about pants and knees, suggests that you’re going into this reading, already with a bias against her fundamental take on racism and by extension, her support of the LGBTQ community.

If I may, miss Heidi, ask yourself ‘ what being a woman really is?.’ To have a voice, to not be oppressed, to follow your heart, to choose your lover, to have or adopt children, to be respected for your mind, your thoughts, your femininity, your generosity, the grace you bestow everyday, everywhere you walk, everywhere you look, . . will you please compare these lofty goals to the goal of ‘ where to take a wiz?’

Will you please stop in your fierce and tireless tirade for the oppressed, and examine that there are, in this time of genuine need for women’s causes, people spending considerable time and energy to be let into the girls rooms? How many of them do you really, Really think care about women?

A penis is not a thing a young girl or most straight girls, can be nonchalant about. And penises definitely can’t be nonchalant about girls. They have to be kept in sperate rooms. Is that really so hard to understand?

And no, Miss Ayesha Talib Wissanji , there is not even an ‘iota' of ‘wiggle' here no matter how ’assertivly' and ‘politically correctly’ you suggest that.