The Genesis of #BlackLivesMatter and the Rise of Open Bigotry in Politics
Heather Nann

You might be over reading that though, one might say, for example, MLK did so much for African Americans. People need people to step up and take up the baton. Make an effort to make a change, in whatever capacity. The white supporter might just be making a point that he thinks Sanders cares demonstrably more than Hilary. Yes, sometimes you need someone on the inside. No, you can’t always do everything on your own. Women need men to understand, help out, and fight with women for women’s rights or it’ll never get done. Men need women, God knows men need women to be even called human. And all the colours Need all the colours to understand and love and cherish everybody.

Also what’s with all the “peace” floating around? What is Todd Hannula even On? And is he distributing it?

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