My First Blog Post

I am starting this blog for two reasons: to expand my writing ability/capacity through writing about my personal & work life and to give an ‘insider's’ view of what it is like to start a company — the good and bad. The company I am starting is called Empowerment Health. This is the current iteration:

Empowerment Health is the first proactive, smart ‘health’ company focused on behavioral healthcare. We aim to revolutionize the way in which people find, finance and follow-through with their behavioral healthcare. Empowerment Health consists of three interdependent platforms — RecoveryPortal, HealFi, and Agreements Platform — that support the patient from initiating treatment through maintaining recovery.

RecoveryPortal will be the pre-eminent web portal for both providers and consumers seeking help with addiction and/or mental health problems. Rather than being a marketing engine or splash page like (owned by American Addiction Centers, a treatment provider), RecoveryPortal will be the eharmony for consumers and treatment centers alike. We plan to use a “smart matching” algorithm to find the optimal treatment center for each individual consumer. Currently, being referred by a healthcare professional, or, it is common to be referred to a treatment center by a marketer and the process is inefficient, subjective and rife with conflicting interests. RecoveryPortal aims to solve this problem by being both independent and data-driven.

HealFi, short for Healing Finance, is the platform lender for consumers seeking financing for the gap between what insurance covers and the cost of treatment. Quality treatment costs money and HealFi will give consumers the ability to finance treatment much like how students’ finance their educational endeavours. HealFi will also create a new asset class for investors interested in social good and capital appreciation.

By far the most important component of Empowerment Health is The ‘Agreements Platform’ which will revolutionize how the ‘system’ of care providers and clients and client’s support network’s interact — specifically by making everyone accountable. It is the container needed for care providers to check on client compliance; And the container needed to allow consumers to progress at velocities never experienced before at scale and magnitude never thought possible. In its simplest form imagine a consumer, Greg, exits treatment and wants to go to 30 AA meetings in 30 days. In Greg’s last week in treatment he enters the names and phone numbers of his support network into ‘Agreements App’, a phone based app connected to the ‘Agreements Platform’. Every Time Greg goes to a meeting he checks-in and a message is sent to his support network verifying the location/time. Extrapolate this and think of the possibility of connecting Quest Diagnostics for urine analysis, Talkspace for text-based therapy, for personal finance accountability, banks/credit cards, and the possibility of infinite other connections. Our belief is that the current forms of recovery statistically lead a person to fail when used individually and we will promote multi-modality recovery. The time has come for care providers to be accountable to their results and Empowerment Health is the key for that change. Extrapolate the Agreements Platform further and we can see uses beyond traditional ‘behavioral health’ through interaction throughout the healthcare system — diabetes and heart care patients checking-in via photos with their dietary regimens and medication schedules are a prime examples. And this is only the beginning.

In addition, the Empowerment Health website will be an interactive community of people supporting one another through media on the optimal methods of ‘recovery’ and personal care — think education about money management, time management, personal growth, etc.