PEG Parsing Series Overview

Guido van Rossum
Sep 2 · 1 min read

My series of blog posts about PEG parsing keeps expanding. Instead of updating each part to link to all other parts, here’s the table of content:

  1. PEG Parsers
  2. Building a PEG Parser
  3. Generating a PEG Parser
  4. Visualizing PEG Parsing
  5. Left-recursive PEG Grammars
  6. Adding Actions to a PEG Grammar
  7. A Meta-Grammar for PEG Parsers
  8. Implementing PEG Features
  9. PEG at the Core Developer Sprint

A video of a talk I gave about this topic at North Bay Python is up on YouTube: Writing a PEG parser for fun and profit

License for this article, the series, and the code shown: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

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