Simple, Scalable, and Robust

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In this post, we will look at what application flow is and how it can be defined. We will then discuss where this logic could live by comparing choreography and orchestration.

What do we mean by application flow?

Application flow is the flow of execution through your system. It describes how some input events progress through the…

Simple, Scalable, and Robust

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If you‘re not familiar with the basics of an event-based microservice architecture, you should check out this Event-based Microservices: Overview post.

What’s the problem?

When a system is distributed (like a microservice-based system) along with the advantages comes the potential for errors. Examples include: connectivity issues, serialization/deserialization issues, downstream system outages, peer system…

Simple, Scalable, and Robust

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A message bus (or event bus) solves the problem of how microservices communicate with each other. This sounds like a problem that could be solved using simple direct connections, but there are challenges that would come along with that solution. …

Simple, Scalable, and Robust

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What are microservices?

A microservice is something that takes input and gives output. It can almost be thought of as a function. The only difference here is that this function can be run anywhere you want and can be replicated as many times as you want. …

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