Please spare us this question by reading this 2 min article.

Well, it’s impossible to be clear in answering this question without mentioning a little bit of history.

As you know, Brazil is the only country in South America that does not speak Spanish. And why this happens? Let’s go back to mid-1494, specifically on June 7th.

On this day, the Treaty of Tordesillas was signed between the Kingdom of Portugal and the Crown of Castile (Spain) to divide the lands “discovered and undiscovered” by both Crowns outside Europe. …

What happens when human evil is graced by the State?

“Children on the ground, among flies, no toys, no psychiatrists whatsoever […] Crippled people, crawling on the ground, crawled, grouped so they would not be trampled at mealtimes. Waiting for the litter, freedom only possible through death. A medieval asylum, stone and iron bars, damp, cold and undesirable, cells and electroshocks, and all medical torture. No assistance or human warmth. As in a concentration camp.” — Hiram Firmino, 1979.

Giovanna Diniz

20y brazilian programmer and guitarist. u can read my articles in portuguese at @gvdiniz or wait for them to arrive here in english thanks to google translator.

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