How to solve this problem?

I see Linkedin as a medium where people can share their thoughts, accomplishments or biggest lessons learned. Either to help themselves or to help others forward.

So let me share my thoughts on a very particular matter and that is the security handeling at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Because it amazes me every time I go through security that the lines are ridiculously long. This has to do with the hand luggage that goes through the scanners and ends up needing an extra, human, check.

For some reason the amount of bags that need that be extra checked at Schiphol are substantially more then other airports, as of my experience. I have seen it happening numerous times now that 10–15 people were waiting in line for their bag to have a human check, if they spend 2 minutes on every bag that is at least 30 minutes of extra waiting time. That is very expensive time in daily life, even more expensive when you need to catch a flight.

Don’t get me wrong, I want these places to be as secure as possible but I have the feeling this technology is lacking behind. The last time I saw it happening even Schiphol personnel was telling supervisors they can not deal with this demand. People are missing their flights because of these problems and I don’t even want to know what those missed flights result in for these individuals.

The Netherlands, a place where so much innovation is born and a country that is on top of developments in almost any field. We are front runners when it comes to new ways of transportation such as the Hyperloop (thanks to Hardt) and our people are needed all over the world to solve the most complex problems. But we did not find a solution for this yet. How come?

What can we, as a community, do about this? Well lets start with turning this post into a discussion or brainstorm on how to solve this. Anyone?

Gregory van der Wiel

Written by

Gregory van der Wiel is a Entrepreneur and influencer.

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