Why I co-founded a creative shop; Bare Knuckle.

I am very proud that I can say out loud that I co-founded Bare Knuckle, the creative shop that we launched, together with my partners Funs Jacobs and Ricardo Mingacho. Some people might have looked twice when they read the headline. Why and how did Gregory van der Wiel get involved with branding other personal entities?

Let me explain it a little bit. First of all, what most people do know about me is that I like beautiful things. I love photography, intriguing design, outrageous fashion, great cars, cool gadgets, the future and more. Add to that the fact that I am a perfectionist. If I put my name on something, it needs to be next level. What I also like is taking matters into my own hand, when the people that promise me fail.

But why helping other athletes with their brand? During my career I have been approached by hundreds of people that said they wanted to build my brand because I was “different”. Many have tried but there was not one company that could convince me. They convinced me with their words maybe, but not with their results. Like I said, I like taking matters into my own hands when something is wrong or missing. Slowly a team formed with Funs and Ricardo, a team that actually delivered what they promised.

That’s when we started discussing how we could take this further and help more people and companies with their brand. From those discussion, Bare Knuckle was born. I am an expert in how it shouldn’t be done and now we formed a team that knows how it should be done. We are different, I say that with a lot of confidence. Championing Creativity.



Gregory van der Wiel is a Entrepreneur and influencer.

Gregory van der Wiel is a Entrepreneur and influencer.