Hello food-consuming humans! Welcome to post #2 in the “What’s the Beef?” series where I break down the science and demystify the propaganda around commercially-produced meat.

Disclaimer: this post is written in a vacuum where the ethical and environmental implications of eating meat don’t exist. Meat consumption is a messy topic, and I don’t want to distract from the urgency of systemic chemical contamination with depressing photos of factory farms. The ethical and environmental components of this debate are just as important, this post isn’t about moralistic preaching. …

Writing anything negative about eating meat is a risky move on the internet. The mere suggestion that something may be amiss in the slaughterhouses of America opens up the gates of Comment Section Hell™. To an extent, I understand. Images of a family gathering around a turkey on Thanksgiving, hot dogs on the grill while fireworks burst in the distance, and burly men with steak knives are about as American as apple pie. For some, to question meat, the cornerstone of the American diet, is to question America itself.

For decades, scientists and citizens have written about the ethical, environmental…

Gabi Velasco

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