How Hawaiian are you?

  1. What’s the name of the purple pudding you eat to your local food?

2. A lot of the hawaiian people have tattoo’s but not made with the machine, what’s the other way to get a really painful tattoo here?

3. Hawaiian’s love their beer, wich one, with the surfboard on, is the most common one?

4. What’s the name of the famous staty In Waikiki beach that also have a resturant with the same name?

5. On wich Island do you have the best chance to see some lava flowing?

6. What animal do you have a big chance to see if your out surfing or playing watersport?

7. When you have a day of there is an all day activite you can do that involves a hike and a beach good for snorkling, whats the name of these two places?

8. What morning alarm animal can you find in every corner on Kauai?

9. Every friday evenig you should be at the beach, what for and at what time?

10. How old is the oldest hotel among the hawaiian islands?

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