How you know you’ve been to Hawaii

  1. You know the words to the following song: ’Good morning ________’
  2. If you know that Lulu’s is….A) A hula girl in Waikiki B) What locals call crazy people C) That Monday night in Waikiki you don’t remember much of…..
  3. True or False: The sunsets is beautiful from Makapu’u Point and the TomTom trail is absolutely a legal hike.
  4. You get up at 2am to go hiking at ________________________ and then hopefully not get a $1,000 ticket.
  5. True or False: Turtle Bay and Turtle beach is the same spot on the South Shore. If it’s false, what’s the right answer:______________________________________________________
  6. The price of a hambuger and XL soda is cheaper than any fruit at Foodland.
  7. You findout that one of these beers is NOT brewed in Hawaii: a) Kona Longboard, b)Maui Bikini Blonde c) Primo Beer
  8. When you know that Aloha, Mahalo and pau means:________________________________________________________
  9. True or False: You can drink on the beach, ride your bike on the sidewalk and smoke a joint or a spliff by the Duke’s statue in Waikiki.
  10. when you know about Room 244(what about it?):___________________________________________________________
  11. The best veggie burger of your life is made by Chef/Owner Ernesto at____________________________________________________________
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