Scratch Kitchen and Meatery

The first thing you notice about the restaurant is how it looks futuristic, it has a very modern design with a open kitchen visible to everyone who is in the building. Everyone there knows what is trending. Another highlight is the service, the waiters are attentive, they are always ready to refill our cups and take our orders.

The other highlight was the courtesy from the chef, chilaquiles were served to us for free, as well some muffins. It was all delicious.

About that, all that was served tasted really well, we have ordered a pastrami and egg sandwich with some potatoes, it was enough for 3 persons, and the same 3 loved the taste.

And the best part of the restaurant is the price, when you look to it it seems like a very expensive and luxurious, but the price is very in line with what you would find in Ala Moana`s food court.

Overall Scratch Kitchen and Meatery is a restaurant that everyone should go and have a good time.

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