The best Poke in town…

After eating Poke almost every second day within the last few weeks I might become a Poke expert. Therefore, I would like to share my favorite Poke place with you:

Just a small window in a narrow side street from Lewers Street, houses the “to go restaurant” founded by the Maguro Brothers, Junichiro and Ryojiro Tsuchiya:

The two brothers, originally from Kawasaki, Japan, come from a family ingrained in the restaurant business. In Japan, they used to head to the famous Tsukiji Fish Market and help select seafood for the family business.

Coming to Hawaii they owned their first restaurant Sakura, at the Olomana Golf Course and then one in Kaimuki.

After closing them they started Maguro Bros in the Kekaulike Marketplace, Chinatown in early September 2014. A second place followed in Waikiki at 421 Lewers St.

Because the two brothers are fishmongers who spend the early morning hours hand-selecting fish at the Honolulu fish auction you can be sure that you find always the highest quality in their restaurants.

Except of Poke in different styles with some extraordinary sauces you can find sushi as well as some fish tacos. The prices are very reasonable, the regular Ahi Poke box is only $8.55.

In contrast to the Chinatown location which is only opened in the morning till noon, the Waikiki location opens at 5:30 pm (Sunday is the only day they close). It is not a secret anymore that the Maguro Brothers offer the best Poke in town, so there might always be a long cue — so bring enough time.

My fabulous “Ahi Poke Hawaiian Limu style” (After that I learned that “Hawaiin Limu” has nothing to do with lemon. Limu is rather a kind of seeweed :-))