Trip to Maui

I’ll tell you about my trip to Maui last weekend. So, I traveled on Friday morning from Honolulu to Kahului. The flight was really short but pretty nice, because I saw two other islands from Hawaii between the flight. The first one was Lanai and the second Molokai.

After I arrived in Maui, I was going to the North Shore Hostel to take my room for the next three days.

On Friday, I made a round trip from Kahului to Hana. The Road to Hana is located on the north-east side from the Island. The whole road is directly along the coast and you’ll drive through really small Hawaiian villages where you’ll be able to see a lot of native Hawaiian people. The coastal road is very winding and one large part is also off-road. So you need a good car for this trip.

Road to Hana

On the road to Hana you’ll pass a small hippy village. This village is called Paia Town and you should make a stop to go around a see the town.

My second day started whit the trip to the Haleakala Crater. This crater is located at over 9,000 ft and it was pretty cold and windy. So, I didn’t believe what I saw when I was on the top of the crater. It was incredible, the landscape looks like the Moon. I’ve were so impressed about this, I’ve never saw an unreal landscape like this(see picture below). I hiked through the crater for three hours and I felt like an astronaut on the moon. This was a unique experience for me and I’ll never forget this beautiful nature.

Haleakala Crater

On Sunday I was in the Honolua Bay for snorkeling. It was a huge contrast to the day before with the unreal landscape from the Haleakala Crater. The turquoise water was full of life with all the colorful fishes. You can snorkel through the coral reef and find different kinds of fishes and other ocean living things.

Honolua Bay

This colorful underwater world was the perfect end for my trip to Maui. So, when you stay in Hawaiian Islands , then you must go to Maui.

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