1. Which is the most crowded island in the Hawaiian Islands?

a) Maui c) Hawaii(Big Island) d) Oahu

2. Which of these hikes are illegal but great?

a)Koko Crater b)Haiku Stairs c) Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail

3. Where do mostly professionals surf?

a)Ala Moana Bowls b)Sandy beach c)Pipeline

4. In which island can you see more volcanic action?

a)Hawaii(Big Island) b) Maui c) Kauai’i

5. Is it possible to touch and feed the wild sea-life?

a) yes b) no c) only with cereal and milk

6. Which side is a more local side on Oahu?

a)south/east b) west c) north/east

7. Which are the official languages in Hawaii?

a) English and Hawaiian b) English and Japanese d) English and Korean

8. Choose the two Hawaiian words that means hello/goodbye and thank you.

a) kakahiaka/ Aloha b) Aloha/Mahalo c) Akamai/ Ala

9. Which is one name of a Hawaiian of the royalty time?

a) Duke Kahanomoku b) King Kamehameha c) Lilo

10. which is the mos touristic/crowded beach in Oahu?

a) waikiki beach/ b) Sandy beach c) Waimanalo beach

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