Mirrors…your reflection..are a funny thing. You look into them to see and study yourself. All that you are, and all that you aren’t.

You see what they see. Eyes darting all around the mirror, targeting all the flaws and imperfections that you’re so afraid of showing. So you create a mask of imitation skin and powder. Molding each feature, perfecting and recreating them to your liking. Thick paste is heavily strewn across your lashes to make them bold. But when did a black line over your eyelid define your beauty? When did the shade of your lips make you prettier? Mirrors distort images like rippling water in a pond. A reflection is a flipped version of yourself. So if you think about it, you’ve never really seen…you.

In that same way, no one else has either. The small details you cover up are things people don’t know. They only see what you’re pretending to be…what you’re trying to be. People…are a funny thing.

But we were raised this way weren’t we? Is it our fault we were brought up in a society that taught us everything was a competition? Beauty pageants we either participate in or are televised for the world to watch. People now a days are entertained by watching others being flaunted around. Contests that determine how “beautiful” you are. Based on what? Spray tanning and airbrushing their skin, glueing on fake lashes. Using makeup techniques to contour their face and give the illusion they have a certain desired facial structure, and clothes that flatter certain parts to give you the best figure possible. But if what they truly look like is hidden by it all, how is your beauty being tested, how are you able to take the compliments given. It’s not you, really.

We’re taught that if we want to win we have to be a certain way. Is it our fault that we live in a world like this one?

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