UX Case Study 4: Final Project — Effective to Great Education Dashboard

The Problem:

Effective to Great Education has a front-end prototype called Bud to Blossom, that allows students to track their feelings. The data is rich and useful, but the company needs an interface to easily use administrative tools in order to have a fully-functioning product.

The Proposed Solution:

Utilizing research to create a dashboard that offers admin features for multiple users and creating an MVP for better user testing which will complete the product for roll out in Q4.

The Process:

My team was tasked to create a dashboard for our client, what was a little unusual with this project was that we would not have multiple users for the product, our client would be the only user.

We began with the initial research, looking at similar companies and creating a survey to gather potential user information. We quickly realized that the information received from the survey wouldn’t help us design a dashboard for our client so we dove into researching dashboards; what worked best (simpler is always better) and what didn’t (too much information can be confusing).

Examples of dashboards we liked

We came to the conclusion that there were only a few functions that our client needed:

  1. To be able to add or delete a new user
  2. To add a new institution
  3. The ability to change a persons access to information
  4. To generate reports

Our first set of wireframes and sketches noted the best place for buttons, text boxes and, because this product would eventually be used for gathering data, how to visualize the data collected.

First Iterations

After adding interactions and animations to our prototypes using Atomic, we reached out to people to test our dashboard. We created a few scenarios for users to follow. All the users had positive feedback and little difficulty navigating the dashboard. We did make a few small iterations including changing the labels on the text boxes for accessibility purposes and resolving some confusion by creating one button to edit or add a user.

Before and After

Our final prototype came to life when Ally Schwam added the visual elements.

Final Prototype

Under promise, over deliver.

Our client was very happy with the final product we delivered. She asked for a dashboard that would allow her to add/edit users and provide access to different users. What she got was a dashboard with an admin view, a teacher view, and a parent view.

Parent View