Hi guys,

I wrote an article about creating your account on AWS and now is time to set some basic security configurations following the IAM best practices documentation.

The reason to do that is simple. If you are using the ROOT account for your daily basis routines and if for some reason someone takes your password or your credentials, this guy will be able to do a lot of administrator things also DELETE your account.

Well, I can enumerate a lot of reasons why you should not use your root account, but I prefer to stop talking and go to…

Today I'll drive you through the creation process of an AWS account.
This is your first step to start your cloud career.

  1. Access the AWS website: https://aws.amazon.com/;

2. Click on the orange button on the top right "Create an AWS Account";

1/3. Why “cloud”?

This expression was born because is very normal to use graphic representations in cloud format to show the internet as part of the process on IT diagrams, representing something that you can’t touch.

Simple as that!

Guilherme Virtuoso

Site Reliability Engineer @ Kyte

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