I wanted to share the story of my first business. It’s largely forgotten and poorly documented because I was only in my early teens. When I was 12, I started learning programming. I had been playing video games for years growing up. Counter Strike and Starcraft were the goto games after school, logging in online and playing with friends was some of the most fun I had growing up. …

Apple’s New Mac Pro at WWDC 2019

Apple closed out their keynote at WWDC 2019 with a bang this year. A very pricey bang, the new Mac Pro and newly released XDR Display will set you back a whopping $12,000 and that’s before the extra 1k on their monitor stand. In Accidental Tech Podcast, Jon Siracusa and Marco Arment had details on pricing for the matte screen, an additional — you guessed it — 1 thousand dollars. All of this pricy hardware is absolutely top of the line. Way beyond a prosumer or even professional developer workflow. …

AR in the form of animoji (now coming to facetime), Pokemon Go, and even in your car has seen widespread adoption. VR’s technology is still too early and we probably won’t see anything meaningful in that space for another few years or more.

The speculation around Apple’s VR headset for the iPhone has been circling for some time now. We may even get it not too long from now to compete the Google Daydream. But Apple has it’s eye’s set on AR, and it’s clear. …

Gaurav Khanna

Working at mixcut.com. Make something people want.

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