Racism — Trending Topic of 2017.

Racism is an Affordable, colourful and trending art of the country then and now. Google and Facebook memes posted in Reverse paraphernalia pretending to empower.

There are Quite some instances where Racism has been Routine instances from the Most powerful countries to Most under Developed countries. Brand of racism, tender hands, wonders who does your hair and skin Colour

A man allegedly punched a woman in the face at a restaurant in New York after she expressed disappointment over Donald Trump’s victory.

A “Make America White Again” sign with a swastika was graffitied on a softball dugout wall in a park in Wellsville, New York

Racism is not about the bigger nation like U.S and U.K where people from around the country , go and help them selves searching for a better life and better Living . Its Solemnly present in India there are many instances in india where people from other countries have faced Racism in India , Surprisingly India possess Regionalism which Slays how people have been carried about this new vulture Strengthened from other Counter parts of the world .

Is India a Racist-Country — Samuel jack Student president of African students in India says

many African people and students who came to india from african continent have been evident to racism and higher Proportion than any other country.

we are dealt with racism we look for our visas, in the issues we confront in getting convenience in the nation, and in the general treatment of review us with doubt. The preference and generalizations are very obvious. When we look for convenience, most proprietors turn out with an unequivocal “no” without offering any clarification. We are left with minimal decision and manage with what we get. We are confronted with a circumstance where we can’t speak with our neighbours if there should be an occurrence of a crisis. How would we converse with each other with such a variety of marks of shame appended to us? How would we even start to counter the biases?Is Punjab’s Drug issue as a result of us? The State is reeling under Drug emergency influencing numerous young fellows. In Goa, the habitation of Drug issue is to a great extent because of Europeans and Russians who, alongside neighbourhood pioneers, hawk drugs, however will India oppress them? They give a few gifts to NGOs and no one dares talk against them.

Source — The Hindu -http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/op-ed/is-india-a-racist-country/article17854153.ece

The Quint — Recently Showcased a Documentary on the Envelope of International Immigrants in India and how people from India Treat them as drug peddlers and smugglers if they are from African Countries. Many African Immigrants have faced similar Criticism that they dress skimpily, play loud music, drink in public and create ruckus. They sell drugs and are a bad influence. If they stay in India any longer, even the Indian youth will get spoilt. This is a common sentiment held by most locals in neighbourhoods with African population.
 On May 20, a 23-year-old Congolese was stoned to death in Vasant Kunj over an auto ride. In Hyderabad, the following week, a Nigerian was hit with an iron rod after a spat over parking. And few days later, seven Africans were attacked in Chhatarpur’s Rajpur Khurd village.
 The government and the police have denied a racist angle and termed the attacks “minor scuffles” and “isolated incidents”. But, we found deep bigotry and racism.

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