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I love this piece because it brings to mind the unique path that immigrants often take. I am a first generation Cuban immigrant who was sent by my parents to the USA when I was ten years old. My memoirs, Boxing for Cuba, detail my story. Like you, I spent a good part of my early years in the US denying my roots and trying hard to fit in as a “white” American.

It took me forty years to return to Cuba and reconnect with my roots. I realize now that I live knowing that I have one foot rooted in my American world and the other in my Cuban world. It is who I am and there is no denying it.

It is said that we are a sum of our experiences. I believe that is true. I also beleive that for all of us who are immigrants our double life that comes from two countries defines us.

Everyone of us is unique, like our fingerprints, and we each have purpose in this world. Where we come from has helped shape that purpose and given us the backbone needed for our journey.

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