Browser-based AR takes the fuss and friction out of shopping in 3D

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Image courtesy Daniel Beauchamp.

Thus far Augmented Reality (AR) adoption within the retail industry has been somewhat slow, apart from a handful of examples like IKEA Place. According to a Gartner survey, 46% of retailers plan to deploy either AR or VR solutions by 2020. Yet a report released by WBR Insights finds that 52% of retailers admit they’re not prepared to support the next wave of technologies like AI, Chatbots and AR — the main reasons being budget (64%), lack of internal resources (55%) and lack of executive buy-in (42%).

These numbers paint a picture of widespread intent — nearly half of retailers by 2020 — combined with a broad awareness of the obstacles to implementing these new technologies. Having personally pitched and worked on AR projects with retailers for the past two years, I can confirm that the above concerns are all real challenges that need to be overcome. …


Gwan Yip

CEO and Co-Founder at Code & Craft

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