Here we go…

So here we are again… at the start of another blank blog platform with nothing but a lot of ideas floating around in my head and the conviction that this time will be different, this time i will actually submit more than one blog post!!

I have no idea where this desire to blog keeps on coming from because i’ve failed at it so many times i should really just accept the fact that i’m not a blogger, i’ve already done so with using Twitter. However for some reason i continuously feel the desire to blog. It could be from all those successful people who say ‘You should write’ or from the fact that i do actually enjoy reading other people’s blog posts and feel the need to at least try to contribute to the community. However i feel, and hope, that this time will be different because i feel, and hope, that i’m actually in a position to have something to say that could be interesting for a few people out there.

I’ve spent the past two and half years betting on the idea that i could find something i was truly interested in and ‘passionate’ about. This has resulted in me working with a bunch of awesome people dabbling in UX and Product Design, Web development and Virtual Reality… all of which i’m hoping to blog about and share some of the interesting and useful bits of information i’ve come across as well as parts of my own experience that i think could be useful or interesting to others.

So, hopefully for the last time, here we go…!

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