The Virtual Reality Lab

I’m extremely excited and honored to be accepted into the Fall 2016 class of the Virtual Reality Lab here in NYC. This is an incredible course I found out about through a few developers I met at the NYVR Developer Meetup that I’ve been going to for the past few months (a great group of interesting people if anyone wants to find out more about VR from a dev perspective).

This course was started a few years ago and is based in the Media and Games Network at NYU. The course is described as:

The Virtual Reality Lab is a 3-month (12 sessions) program that provides media creators and technologists with an opportunity to create VR/AR/MR prototypes,brainstorm and explore complex formats using immersive technology, and collaborate with like-minded members of the VR community.

I’ll be posting about my experiences as best I can but I’m planning on really throwing myself into this course pretty hard from a story research/theory and development standpoint so the posts might be delayed.

Very excited to get started!!