A Win-Win-Win situation with Exploratory Testing

Gareth Waterhouse
Jul 29 · 15 min read

Exploratory Testing….

The Set Up

The Charter

And so we begin….

Select Web Browsers to only capture traffic from the web browser
Diving deep into our code? To see the rest apply now….

The most important aspect of a product page… Add To Bag

The size selection for the product
Error message shown in my “Mini Bag” when I attempt to add more than the quantity that is left for an item.
The Error Message displaying in my Mini Bag
My first bug! Clicking on the error message, removes ALL the items from my bag :(
Undo in case I want to put my items back in my bag…. Yes please, I didn’t want you to remove all my bag in the first place!
Only 1 item is put back into my bag unfortunately.

I like the look of that, let’s save it for pay day…. The Wish List functionality

Add To Wishlist, I am assuming this is similar to “Save for Later” on ASOS, or “Wish list” on Amazon…

I don’t know what clothes will go with these jeans…. The Complete The Look

I really like how they’re showing complete outfits with the Jeans I’m interested in purchasing. For someone who has difficulties in matching items of clothing together this is perfect!

I want to know more…. The Newsletter Signup

/api/newsletter-banner-fragment/subscribe-customer request
I can see my request body here being made to the API that will subscribe me to the newsletter
Rules -> Customize
You want to copy and edit this snippet of text in the editor so that it will break on the newsletter subscription
This will now break on every request that contains “api/newsletter-banner-fragment”
You can edit the “email” in the body to be something that is an invalid email, or to whatever you want, and get a 200 response.

My Takeaways

Pretty-Print this minified file… This is a really nifty little feature that I had no idea existed in Chrome Dev Tools

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I mostly write about work, testing and ASOS Tech. I occasionally write about Sunderland AFC.

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