The Economy of Fitspiration

For the average Instagram user who is just looking to connect with their friends and show off the highlights of their life, creating posts on Instagram has zero financial cost. For those working to become “fitness influencers”, however, the costs of becoming known on Instagram may be substantial.

So, you want to become a popular fitness instagrammer? Let’s lay out the costs behind the business. First of all, there’s the attire. Popular fitspo accounts draw attention by showing off extensive wardrobes of fitness gear.

Typically, users who sport clothing from reputable brands tend to draw a bigger crowd. Nike, Gymshark, and Women’s Best attire have become very popular among fitness influencers on Instagram. With one pair of Nike shoes coming in at upwards of $100, it is clear that an affinity for collecting them can cost big time. In order to attract a lot of attention, fitspo accounts try to continuously post update content, which means they must constantly add to their shoe/clothing collection to keep followers interested.

Another large cost that may go unnoticed by followers is the high-quality cameras influencers need. Low-quality photos do not draw large crowds, so it is imperative that individuals invest in cameras that produce bright, clear, high-definition photos. Below are some examples of popular vlogging/instagramming cameras.

Popular high-quality cameras typically range from about $500–$2,000

Along with cameras and attire, fitness Instagram influencers often spend money on spray tans, supplements, gym memberships, etc. While these may seem like very common expenses, influencers have to maintain high-quality versions of all products they use and continually update their products and attire.

Investing in one’s Instagram account can pay off if done correctly. According to, the average sponsored fitness post earns $306 ( claims that individuals with at least 100,000 followers can earn upwards of $150,000 per year (

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The majority of this money comes from brands that ask influencers to post photos that promote their products. This allows brands easy access to a large population that may be more willing to purchase their products if recommended by their fitness inspiration. Income from sponsored posts depends on follower numbers, with the large number of followers earning the most money.

As a result of sponsored posts, fitness influencers assist brands in earning money by sending hundreds, maybe thousands of customers their way.