KLL NFT: Background

I discovered Kamile or KLL 2 years ago and became a massive fan of her artwork. I have several of her pieces around my home; I happen to be sitting in front of one now.

Her artwork has an edgy quality that I enjoy, and her sarcastic wit comes across in all her pieces.

A year after I discovered KLL, the NFT momentum grabbed my attention, and like many, my mind was flooded with ideas of how this new tool could be used. I began reading white papers on non-fungible tokens, specifically the ones below:

EIP-721: Non-Fungible Token Standard

EIP-165: Standard Interface Detection

LayerZero: Trustless Omnichain Interoperability Protocol

After a few months, I scoped out an initial project, partnered with a friend, and built it.

We launched an omnichain NFT that gated access to a minigame, fishbags.lol.

We didn't scale the project user base into a massive audience, but we captured a handful of players, ran a competition, and distributed awards.

After this, I worked through a discovery phase with ideas that came to mind while building the previous project. A few particular points of focus caught my attention:

The network of information I had been learning connected to building a composable, on-chain NFT and leveraging the diamond smart contract system to manage it. The next post will present and discuss the project idea in more depth; stay tuned.



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