Death of San Francisco/Re-Birth of Money
Morgan Fitzgibbons

Audible applause for you good sir! I am a San Francisco born and bred techie that has moved out of the bay area to pursue a life where the roof over my head’s cost is not so cringe worthy. Although I still work for a HUGE silicon valley based company, my living situation outside of the bay is extremely manageable. I was hesitant to leave for my current position because 1) San Francisco is my home 2) I thought I would be missing out on just being in San Francisco. The opportunity there is far out-weighed by COL and all that comes with it. It seems every time I go back to visit my mother, there are more and more people on 280 and 101. I am gone away now, life is a little slower but I have a savings, I have peace of mind and I have much more opportunity and its seemingly endless irrespective of my geographic location. Thanks so much for your eloquent words.