Everyone code it, I choose not to.

Hi there and welcome on my medium portfolio/blog.
In the first series I will describe my student projects and personal ones.

First things first…

Why did I choose to use Medium as a portfolio/resume ?

Here is two things I am good at:

  1. Listen to people
  2. Use what I have and be creative & proactive with it

You see a blog platform? I see high-contrasted responsive texts and images combine with a great UX & clean UI. You can read it regardless of your platform, mobile and desktop.

And it is indeed a blog platform. As Srinivas Rao described it in his medium post, I wanted to start writing 1000 words daily. Thus I would have reinvent the wheel by coding a blog — sort of.

What I seek is to find a job where I can learn and share experiences in a creative environment. Not spend the next days or weeks coding a website which will eventually be visited as I do not intend to be a developer.

Do I know how to code?

Yes. But that is not what I want to do for a living. Provide meaningful experiences, solve problems and be part of a project that require creativity and innovation is what I am seeking.

Behance post introducing my 2011's portfolio

I spent countless hours coding and optimizing my previous websites.

I used (x)HTML, CSS, JS in the former version. HTML5, Sass (CSS preprocessor), Ajax and even the CMS Spip (french community) for the latter.

It was responsive and lightweight.

It reached 98/100 on google PageSpeed and ranked insanely well in searches.

Even better than the university websites when typing the name of the training courses.

Nowadays everyone has a portfolio. I decided not to.

Thank you for reading this far & have a nice day!

Here are some links you can be interested in:
* Various projects
* Pickey — side project

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