P!CK3Y — Be the master of your data

At first it was a school project being part of an initiation to research and development methods. It was led by Madeth May during our fourth year at ENSIM.

At the end of the semester, some students decided to pursue the idea and push it further. Jonathan Coulon and I were part of those students.

The concept

P!CK3Y’s logo

P!CK3Y (read PicKey) is a proprietary algorithm protected by an intellectual property.

Give up your alphanumeric passwords and adopt an image to encrypt and secure your data in the Cloud!

More and more data are uploaded to cloud systems everyday but…

  • When using cloud services, free or paid, are you sure that your personal data are accessible by you and only you?
  • Who is the actual owner of the data, you or cloud service providers?
  • When cyber attacks and data theft took place, your data remain confidential and secure?

Entirely protect your data stored in the Cloud with P!CK3Y!
P!CK3Y offers the most pragmatic and most secure solution thus restoring you total control of your data on the Cloud. Including Google Drive, DropBox, One Drive, etc.

P!CK3Y makes your life easier! Using any image (JPG, PNG or GIF) as encryption key allows you to secure your data on the cloud.

True master of your data, you can ease your mind with just a picture to remember: the key can be easily concealed among the billions of images online on Facebook, Twitter, Flikr, Picasa, etc.

Someone stole your key picture? Do not worry, only you, the owner of a unique version of P!CK3Y and the key picture can decrypt files encrypted with P!CK3Y.


PicKey finished 3rd/35 in the category “Business of Tomorrow” and 5th/219 in the French tech contest http://talentsdunumerique.com/

Technologies developed under the project P!CK3Y just like P!CK3Y applications and Master key management platform come from specific research and development of proprietary algorithms and cryptographic software developed by the team project at ENSIM (Jonathan Coulon, Madeth May and myself). ENSIM and the project team are fully owners of related rights. ENSIM asked for the protection of its innovation at the cell valuation research of the University of Maine. ENSIM was accompanied in this journey by SATT (Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies).

Most of this article is a translation of Madeth’s one at the time of the contest.