Portfolio Research Assignment

First Portfolio [http://www.thebeastisback.com/#/bullseye-qee/]

  1. I like their page because it is very colorful. There are a lot of pictures included that makes it colorful. It is also simple at the same time because there aren’t much words included to it, just rows and rows of pictures.
  2. The interactions that I found on the website is that when I click on one of the photos, it takes me to a zoomed up image of the photo and it has a little description on the left. There are also links on the top of the page which takes me to his social medias and more.

Second Portfolio [http://studioschurk.nl/]

  1. What I like about this page is that the it has characters that move and they are very cute. It is very nice and I want to make mine look somewhat like this. I also like how when you hover over the pictures, it slides up and shows words bellow it.
  2. This website also doesn’t have a lot of interactions. It only has one interaction which is when I put my mouse over on the pictures, it moves up and it also makes me take a closer look to the photos and shows me different views of them.

Third Portfolio [http://seanhalpin.io/]

  1. What I like about this page is that it is very neat and creative. I like the photos that he included and the fonts that he used.
  2. The only interactions for this website is that there are links above where it could take you to his work, notes, and about him. There is also a message me button on the bottom if you want to message him.


  1. The things that inspired me or interested me from the examples above is that I liked that they were very well made and that they were colorful. The simple pages but its still great at the same time really interested me. I also like how the images move and I enjoy their special interactions.
  2. The functionalities that I would like to add to my portfolio is that I want a word to change color if you hover over it. I would also want to add color changing backgrounds and adding some kind of character moving when you scroll down.
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