Reflecting Coding 1

-When I joined Coding 1, I expected to learn the basic html, css, and javascript. I also expected myself to be creating a website or a game. Lastly, I expected to be accomplishing a project with other teammates to make an app.

In the end, I was able Coding 1 was able to meet all of my expectations. I didn’t just learn the basics of html, css, and javascript, but I think learned more than just the basics. Also, throughout 1st to 3rd quarter, we had been doing small little projects to better our knowledge of coding. I was able to learn a lot from that. We created games such as card matching and created websites such as our journal. And during 4th quarter we were assigned to be in a group to make a helpful website for the society. Overall, I learned a lot and it was a fun class to be in. Not only did I learn coding in this class but I also learned how to cooperate in a team and learn how to brainstorm in a group.

-I feel great about being a jr developer. I was able to learn a lot and I’m glad whs gave me the chance to. I was able to experience the works of a software engineer. That’s a great thing because one of my choices in the future is to become a software engineer.

-In general, I feel that coding is a fun thing to do. I’m glad that I was able to experience coding. I thought that it would be much harder but it was actually kind of easy.

-The things that I plan to do outside of this class is to make websites or games for fun just like what I said above. I will also try to continue to learn more about coding because I think that it’s a fun thing to do. I will be able to make whatever I want and put my thoughts on a website.

-An advice that I would give to the upcoming people joining coding is to work hard. It will have a great outcome in the future. When you actually understand and know most of the basics of coding, it’s going to be really fun at the end because you’re not going to struggle as much making a website. If they don’t understand something, always try to ask for help because if you don’t, you’re going to be lost along the way. Also, always try to research research research. This had helped me a lot throughout my year of coding 1. But, just make sure to understand what you’re researching. Don’t just copy and paste.