Reflection 5/03/17

  1. While working on our “TutorDex” website, I had to ask for help when I couldn’t get one of the buttons beside the answers. I also needed help making the words horizontal instead of vertical. I also needed help on using flexbox because I was confused on how to use it.
  2. I don’t think there was ever a time where I had to deal with a difficult colleague. Most of the people in our group agreed with each other most of the time and no one really argued about anything.
  3. A major obstacle that I encountered while working on my project was that I didn’t get the notice that we had to use flexbox instead of margin or float. I was only told about it right when I was almost finish with the css. I was stressed that I had to change most of the css especially because I don’t really know how to use flexbox that well.
  4. I think the time when I wasn’t communicating well enough was when I needed help on using flexbox. I was embarrassed how behind I was in the project and I didn’t want anyone to stop working to help me. I was too shy to ask anyone for help so I just had to research on my own on how to use flexbox. I’m kind of getting there but I’m learning really slow since I’m kind of doing a trial and error with what type of flex to use.

5. Think about a situation when you made a poor decision or did something that just didn’t turn out right. What happened?

Since I didn’t know how to use flexbox, I thought I could just use margins instead. But, that was a poor decision since a few weeks later, I was told that we had to use flexbox and not margins. So, I had to change most of the css and try to learn how to use flexbox as fast as I could. 
Another bad decision that I made was to not work on the project at home especially since I was behind by a lot. I was always relying on myself to finish it at school but I never have enough time. So this weekend I’m actually going to work on most of it and try to finish the css by Monday.

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