Art Fair Philippines 2016


Today, I went to Art Fair Philippines that is held at The Link in Ayala Center and t’was an amazing experience to be able to attend an Art Fair for the first time because I get to see the exhibit of the best in modern and contemporary Philippines visual art.

I’ve always wanted to go this kind of event ever since I was a kid because for me, it is such a privilege to attend in this kind of exclusive event.

It’s just overwhelming that I am able to witness this kind of event because it caters to high-end or middle class guests in this Art Fair. I’ve seen foreigners and some of the elite people during my visit. Hence, it is something that I can be proud of, because not all people get to see different kinds of paintings and arts that were painted by our famous local artists. It is a Filipino pride to see and appreciate how talented and creative Filipinos are.

Below are some of the paintings and artwork that really amazed me.

Windows Within Windows XIII

Windows Within Windows XIII by Phyllis Zaballero

This is one of the amazing paintings that I’ve seen in XuArtspace, private galleries in Art Fair, because it is very detailed and feels like it is real.


Bubble Bling III by Gabriel Lichauco x Jiri Pa

This is a unique lampshade, or whatever you call it, that I’ve seen in Metamorphosis, private galleries in Art Fair. It is unique because the design is inside the big light bulb. For me, it simply tells that ‘beauty is from within.’


Under the Tree by Ferdinand Canio

I’ve seen this art at Galerie Anna, private galleries in Art Fair, and it is really unique. The moment I saw this, the first thought that came through my mind was, “this is what you called ‘Killer-heals” as you can see, it’s a unique kind-of-heels for the fact that it looks like a dead tree and t’was wonderfully made.


Youth of our nation by Eugene Cubillo

I know that this might be common already, but I’m still impressed by this portrait because the artists were able to use different pictures of the children and painted an image of a girl to it. Which, for me, depicts that there must be a leader to stand up to guide the youth.

Exhibitor/private galleries

Silhouette in ArtInformal’s gallery

I believe that most of the exhibitors/galleries are amazing and beautiful, but this one is my favorite because the exhibit/gallery can easily catch someone’s attention.

The vibe of Artinformal

Compared with nearby galleries, this one is unique because it showcases different types of art- everything is simple yet creative and everyone would appreciate the galleries that they’ve showcased.

Among the galleries that they have showcased, I pick three (3) works shown by the gallery and these are the following:

Self-effacing mirrors by Juan Alcazaren

The first work is Self-effacing mirrors by Juan Alcazen. I love this gallery because it is simple yet elegant. I think, this work conveys that someone should always look at him/herself in the mirror just to remind them of who they really are and what they deserve.

Banana by Mawen Ong

The second is work of Mawen Ong named Banana. It’s amazing that the artist was able to make an art out of the life span of a banana, from fresh banana to rotten banana. For me, this painting also defines the life of a human it starts from a baby to an elderly. Indeed, life is a cycle and it must go on.

Worth by Christina Quisumbing Ramilo

Lastly, is the work of Christina Quisumbing Ramilio that is composed by 40 handmade checks from shredded Artinformal checks issued to artists. For me, this work tells that money is important in every individual because it gives us comfort and it makes us happy. The fact that this art was made with shredded checks, simply states that even though we say that money can’t buy happiness and we don’t need it, we can’t still deny the fact that money is important for us to buy our needs and wants. Furthermore, signatures are visible to this work because, for me, it tells that every individual has a need of money and every individual works hard just to earn a money.

Names of the Artists

Names of Artists being showcased by ArtInformal

Special Exhibition of Contemporary Filipino artists


This is the special exhibit of WSK that is about cross-pollination of science, art, and many other fields. They break things and remake it to be able to make an art.

Self Control by Ian Carlo Jaucian and Pow Martinez
Sex to Speech by Ted Ermitano
Come Closer to Me by Joee Mejilas

These art works convey that we can use any kind of resources to produce the art that we imagine with our creative minds.

Langue Lounge by Jose Tence Ruiz

This is the exhibit of Jose Tence Ruiz that is about violence and death. An enduring admiration for retort and parlance that paints the idea of the strongman as pleasantry.

Determined despair — a realistic yet hopeful acknowledgement paired with a deep sense of action. For the only difference between cowards and heroes is not that the latter keep their courage a few seconds longer. — Jose Tence Ruiz

This work is like an electric chair that is used to execute human who commit a crime. This work convey about the violence and abused that people experienced in the past. This is something that would tell us to prevent ourselves from doing wrong and start doing what is right. Through this, we can free ourselves from punishment or consequences.

Exhibit of Karen H. Montinola