Thank you for your input, Gwendolyn; it’s very helpful for new practitioners like myself to hear…
Reila Ceh

Hello Reila.

There is an old story in the UK during WW2 and the infamous New Forest Coven … rising the energies to combat the blitz, end the war. Some claim it an urban myth, others are convinced it happened. Still, it was done by a single coven under a cloak of secrecy for all the best purposes. Perhaps it is time that a unification of directed energies performed with best intentions for all … as that one was… is here. I know I will be holding the space of Light for all my brothers and sisters tonight.

Very good! You are corresponding the moment with all thats available, a good witch! Yes, things are very illuminated. And this fellow doing all the damage, he is his own undoing. imo. Yes, they are beautiful signs. Agreed.

BB, best to you Reila. g

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