Are you a white person about to comment on police violence? Read this first
Bridget Todd

I CAN speak on police violence….Since I have personally been the victim of it.This is not a new phenomena…Police have used excessive force since there was an established police force in America. Ask any immigrant group, or poor people. There have always been rogue cops, racist cops, sexist cops. Racially based victimization is not new — -think of all the cops in the 1930–60’s who witnessed or participated in lynchings/beatings/acts of violence against black people, political organizers and protesters. The Democratic National Convention in in Illinois in the 1960’s is a prime example of a Police State action and mentality — -the totally illegal abrogation of the rights of civilians. Cops have had blood on their hands for years….The difference now is that the media is catching and covering it. People are more aware…But there is no rights for the general public, only the privileged rich. The rest of us, ALL of us, are wearing targets on our backs when it comes to the cops.

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