Pamper your Children the Right Way

They say that you never truly know love until you have a child. The doctor puts that helpless, squirming little person into your arms, and you know in a mere instant that you want to give him or her the world.

Of course, if we actually gave our children the world, we’d spoil them rotten. So how do you show them how much you care while teaching them to kind and unselfish? Here are some tips for pampering your kids — the right way:

Earning Their Rewards

One of these simplest ways to pamper kids without spoiling them is to make sure they work for the reward. Completed their chores? They get an allowance. Get straight A’s on their report card? They get a special treat or toy.

Whatever the goal you’ve set may be, the pampering they get will be that much more satisfactory — because they’ve earned it. This way, you get to celebrate and pamper your child and also teach him or her the value of hard work!

Let Them Take The Reins

We all know what Aretha wanted: “a little respect.” Most kids are after the same thing! One excellent way to pamper any kid is to show them that respect and let them contribute to the family plans by making some decisions.

Are you going out to dinner? Let your little one pick the restaurant. Deciding on where to vacation this summer? Get some imput from the kids, too. This may seem inconsequential, but it can make a kid feel both important and loved.

Surprise Them Sometimes

Of course, sometimes we want to treat our kids just because we love them. That’s a great thing! Surprising our children with their favorite dinner (with some scrumptious candy for dessert) or a new toy or game can be a fun way to show them just how much we care.

Of course, you don’t want to surprise your children with treats everyday. Then it crosses into on spoiling territory (and it ceases to be surprising). But on occasion, feel free to indulge that urge to give your children something special for no good reason — it will make you both pretty happy.

Parents: Keep Your Promises

Picture this: you’re trying to run errands, and the kids are being a bit rambunctious. OK, very rambunctious. In desperation, you turn around and say to the backseat, “If you be quiet, I’ll get us ice cream when we’re done.” We’ve all been there, right?

Here’s the thing — when you make promises like that, you have to keep them. Backing out will sow the seeds of distrust in your child, and while it may not seem like a big deal in your grown-up mind, to a kid it can be devastating. Remember, if you want your kid to keep his promises, you need to keep yours.

Shower Them With Love

Finally, the easiest way to pamper your little one is to shower him or her with love. Spend quality time together, tell them that you love them all the time, and listen to all the things they have to say.

When you engage with your child, you make him or her feel important. This builds the bond between you both and helps to boost their self esteem. Best of all, it’s tons of fun! Make sure you pamper your kids today with a great big hug and lots of kisses.